Lawyers Ready for ‘Green’ Lawsuit Surg…
2009/04/13, 7:24 pm
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Lawyers Ready for ‘Green’ Lawsuit Surge

Lawyers may be seeing lots of green in the new green building movement.

The $80 billion in federal stimulus funds for installing renewable energy and retrofitting buildings will generate a lot of garden variety litigation, lawyers say, including product liability suits and suits over whether a green building is really “green enough.”

Considering all the new regulation, green construction litigation is inevitable, says Shari Shapiro, who co-chairs the American Bar Association subcommittee on land use and environmental laws.

“We’re sort of at the very front of a really emerging practice – and it’s not too often in the law that you get a new practice area,” says construction attorney Stephen Del Percio of the New York office of Washington, D.C.-based Arent Fox.

Source: The National Law Journal, Tresa Baldas (04/13/2009)


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