Vacant Properties Raise Insurance Risk
2009/03/17, 7:32 pm
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Rising vacancies in commercial property increases insurance risk and ultimately the cost of insurance, warns the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.

Chubb Group points to studies by the National Fire Protection Association that show an average of 14,900 fires a year occur in vacant buildings, causing more than $118 million annually in direct property damage. In addition, theft, vandalism, water, collapse and wind losses increase in vacant real estate.

The insurer offers these suggestions for owners of vacant commercial real estate:

  • Read the policy carefully for any policy terms and conditions applicable to vacant property.
  • Notify the insurer that the property is vacant.
  • Remove furnishings and all combustibles from the premises.
  • Advise local authorities that the building is vacant, including fire and police departments.
  • Inspect the facilities weekly. Consider hiring a guard service to drive by daily.

Source: Chubb Group of Insurance Companies (03/13/2009)

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