Will the rescue really help average people?
2009/02/11, 9:09 pm
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Will the Rescue Really Help Average People?
How will the rescue package aid ordinary people?

Nariman Behravesh, chief economist with the research firm Global Insight, says people will benefit in several ways:

“Interest rates will come down, credit conditions will ease. The operative term here is ‘those who qualify.’ Whether it’s for mortgages or car loans or whatever, if your credit score is good, then I think it will be easier” to get credit.

How long will it be before people with lower credit scores are able to get mortgages?

“Better economic times. That is the reality,” Behravesh says. “The pendulum has swung in terms of caution. You might get some people with a middling credit score to do OK. But for people who don’t have good scores, it will continue to be tough to borrow, at least for another year.”

Source: The Associated Press, Mark Jewell (02/10/2009)

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