2009/02/11, 11:59 pm
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It’s official: IMAX is coming

After biting its nails waiting for the city of Charleston to approve construction plans, Southeast Cinemas is finally announcing that it plans to build an IMAX in West Ashley where the old Citadel AMC used to be. According to spokesperson Bryan Smith, construction is now underway, and should be finished by the end of the year. The theater will be part of a 16-screen multiplex that will include four theaters dedicated to arthouse cinema. “Four of them will be given an more upscale feeling,” Smith says. Arthouse can mean a lot of things, but what’s likely is pressure being put on the Terrace Theatre, which now gets many exclusive screenings in Charleston. Big difference: You won’t be able to buy beer at the new Citadel 16. Maybe the Terrace is safe after all. —John Stoehr


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